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A new music licensing platform connecting independent musicians with seekers of the perfect sound track for their brand creations . . . .

What We Do

The Unsigned Library

* A new synch licensing platform connecting independent musicians and producers of commercial content for brands

* With unique, intuitive search capability

* Led by a passionate team, offering fair pricing, transparent licenses and a suite of tools to enhance the user experience 

For Music Creators

* A 100% pro musician platform to showcase music available for licence - built for musicians by musicians

* Worldwide digital distribution through our online partner

* Education around licensing for commercial use

* A community to collaborate and grow

For Music Seekers

* Pre-cleared music ready to use

* UX designed to take the headache out of music searches and licence negotiations

* Access to fresh, untapped music content and composers


Simple and cost effective membership with a host of benefits

For Music Creators
£14.99 per month

100% of licence fees & royalties

Access to digital distribution

Unlimited music uploads

Access to video tutorials

Free advice & support

For Music Seekers
£49.99 per month

Unlimited access to the database

5 free job posts per year

Custom composition support

Cue Sheet service

TrackFinder service

Education and Support


It often comes as a nasty surprise to many young, talented musicians who have worked hard to create their music to find that sales and streaming revenue from the various commercial distributions platforms do not meet their expectations. While it is true that revenues from streaming services such as Spotify are growing exponentially, 

it is rare for the independent, unsigned musician to benefit from this. 

It is fundamental to our mission not only to help gain exposure for the unsigned musicians work but to also educate them about the value that they have and how to build a career around that value.


There is a growing community of music seekers who want to do things differently and we are committed not only to providing first class service, easy licensing and, of course, the highest quality music, we are also committed to supporting our seeker members.

We will be offering support to help seekers find the best solutions for their projects along with tutorials for industry novices to help them understand the business of using music to augment brand communications.

Online Tutorials

The Unsigned Library offers a series of online tutorial videos for creators and seekers alike to give everyone a full understanding of the music industry and the opportunities that are available to you. Start building your career here!

Who We Are

The team behind The Unsigned Library

Leila Ramos
Founder / Singer Songwriter
Tom Pearce
Music & Game Industry Specialist
Fiona Gaiger
Marketing & Communications Consultant
Iain Sanderson
Business Consultant

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About Us

We’re on a mission to create a platform that generates fair revenue for composers, and both educates and supports them in their quest for a career

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